Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What is Your God Like?

GOD, you are my strength..

I was taking my daughter to school this morning and her sister was in the back seat with her telling her how much she missed Daddy already today. Miss Z says to Miss K, "Don't you love Mommy and God too?"

Miss K: "Yes, but I miss Daddy right now!"

Miss Z: "You should love God more than you love Daddy. I do because He loves me all the time."

Miss K: "I do too. I just miss Daddy. I want Daddy!"

Miss Z: "You know, God can hear everything you're saying right now."

Miss K: "How can He hear me way down here when He is way up there?"

Miss Z: "I don't know. But He can."

Miss K: "I know."

It's just so easy for them. They just simply trust that God is all loving, enamored with them, taken up by them and taking care of each of their steps and listening to all their words.

I believe He is.

I guess I should clarify. I believe He is with them. It's hard for me to believe He is with me.

I believe He wants me to trust in Him and His love for me like my daughters do. He doesn't want me to be afraid of Him. He wants me to BELIEVE in Him. Believe that He hears me, loves me, is taken up by me and truly knows what is best for me. Believe that in the times I don't understand He loves me just as much and He still has my back. Believe as I face the consequences of my and other's sins that He is just and righteous. Believe that He can hear me even though He is "way up there" and I am "way down there".

I am so grateful for the simple beauty of my daughters faith in Him and I pray that I will have the strength to simply strive for that same kind of beautiful faith.

How do you see God today?

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